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Skyfall's Digital Twin

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With the "Skyfall" intralogistics conveying and storage system, Ferag AG supports its customers in mastering challenging conveying tasks with maximum space, energy and cost efficiency. Thanks to its intelligent design, "Skyfall" opens up the third dimension without the customer having to make any costly adjustments to the hall construction. The conveyed goods are transported using gravity to a great extent. Reliability is of the utmost importance for the "Skyfall" system.

For better recognition, localization and elimination of possible problems, it was necessary to develop an operating concept for a new diagnostic system: Skyfall's "Digital Twin". This was intended to provide comprehensive support for Ferag's customer support in its daily work and to provide the customer with problem diagnosis information in order to reduce downtime to a minimum. The concept should be as intuitive and scalable as possible.

Together with Ferag AG, UXMA has created a digital twin of the Skyfall system. This virtual model of the system uses real data from installed sensors and enables the user to reliably identify and locate problems. By means of a scalable software application, the data of the digital twin can be retrieved. The application shows a fast, digital visualization of the complex Skyfall system on plant and module level.

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Screens of Skyfall's Digital Twin


Together with the client's UX and software specialists, UXMA developed an extensive interaction concept for the Digital Twin. In line with the look & feel specifications for the application frame, an intuitively understandable visual language was created for the topological representation of the system. This visual language creates a high level of clarity over the three dimensions of the system and provides orientation for the user within the software. The simple and fast operability ensures process reliability and can accelerate the diagnostic process.

The system, which is based on web technologies, can be used on both mobile devices and on desktop systems in parallel. This enables efficient communication between all users and technical system components involved in the diagnostic process.

Jannes Rühmann<br>Project Lead
Jannes Rühmann
Project Lead
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