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Who we are

A Team of Doers and Thinkers Who do What they love.

of the best in our team
years of success in the market
locations: Kiel, Hamburg and Dresden
What drives us

Our Passion: Compelling User ExperienceOur Mission: To venture into New Territory

User Experience

UXMA stands for outstanding user experiences. Our team develops innovative products, concepts, strategies and business models with a consistent focus on customer benefit. With our comprehensive range of services, we support our customers in tapping the potential for sustainable market success.

What we embody

Interdisciplinary Variety

We approach every situation with openness and creativity. Far away from any departmental thinking, our teams always work together cross-functionally and view their tasks from different perspectives. With our methodological competence and extensive experience in a wide range of specialist areas, we are able to respond individually to our customers and develop holistic solutions.

How we proceed



We’re not interested in 
bells and whistles, rather in clarity and transparency. 

We love detail 
but don’t get lost in it.



Our creative mindset creates the basis upon which every project can develop into something great. 

This demand to think outside the box and to break new ground unites us in our work.



We are not satisfied with superficial solutions; we address the heart of the problem.

We don’t shy away from friction if it produces the best results.

What makes us stand out

Experience and Quality.

In 1985 Michael Arpe founded the company ma design. Over the years ma design grew from a design studio into a comprehensive development partner: UXMA.

If we have learnt anything over the last 30 years, it’s the necessity to move forward, even in the face of resistance. Anyone who knows us is familiar with our special as well as our demand for the highest standards of the quality of our solutions.

Our mindset is characterised by the urge for constant further development and our own actions are subject to the same dynamic and disruptive process that we communicate to our customers.