Donations to the children's cancer ward of the UKSH

We look back on an eventful 2020, a year that showed us how important health and cohesion are. Everyday activities such as going to work and meeting and exchanging ideas with colleagues are privileges that we have become particularly aware of in the current period.

Since some of us are not able to share this good fortune due to severe strokes of fate, we decided together as the UXMA team to get socially involved and make a donation at Christmas time. The choice of the donation recipient fell on the children's cancer ward of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein. Our donation is intended to help open up opportunities for the sick children that could not otherwise be realized: The use of social pedagogues, visits from clowns and the provision of toys - in other words, all the things that take some of the children's minds off their fate, give them a sense of joy and support their families.

Our team donated generously, so that as a result a sum of € 2,545 € was collected. This impressive and spontaneous initiative also inspired our management, which then doubled the donation amount to € 5,090.

We are very pleased that the initiative was so strongly supported and will again sponsor an organization or association in the coming year. In this spirit, we wish everyone a peaceful Christmas season and all the best for the coming year!

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Exciting presentations in changing times

Exciting presentations in changing times