The current events surrounding the corona pandemic undoubtedly represent the one of the greatest challenges for our society in recent decades.

In the current crisis, it is particularly important for us to emphasize that we are fully capable of continuing our work and are on hand for our customers and partners. Our many years of experience with mobile work have enabled us to react with speed and agility to the highly dynamic situation and to adapt proactively. 

Even before the official government recommendations were published, our team immediately started working from home to minimize the risk of possible contagion and do their part to #flattenthecurve. Teamwork and mutual support are more important now than ever. We are and remain your reliable partner. We can only master the great challenges ahead of us together. 

Our special thanks go to all those working in professions currently experiencing extraordinary challenges, such as medical care. Our thoughts and good wishes are with those especially at risk of the corona virus and currently very concerned about the situation.

Hang in there and stay healthy. We're doing our bit.
Your UXMA team

That was: <br>OOP Conference

That was: 
OOP Conference