Our customer, BHS Customer, was awarded the German Brand Award 2020 for the Machine Control Center in the category 'Brand Communication'! The jointly developed product has thus received a total of four internationally renowned awards: Two Red Dot Awards in the categories 'industrial design' and 'interface design', the Winner Label of the German Design Award and the German Brand Award 2020.

In partnership with BHS Corrugated, the UXMA project team has created a machine plant with a strong brand identity. The project included the design of the corrugator's body and housing, as well as the development of an intuitive user interface for the entire operating terminal and a consistent design language. The renewed award clearly highlights the excellence of the perfect interplay of design, function and ergonomics of the corrugator.

The award for successful brand management

The German Brand Award is presented annually by the renowned German Design Council to companies and projects in various industries that stand out through successful brand management. The award has an impressive international reach and this year, with 1,200 submissions from 14 countries, is no different. The BHS corrugator is one of the 22 projects that received the award for "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation". This award recognizes the strongest campaigns, concepts and strategies of individual disciplines.

An independent jury evaluates the entries according to the criteria of autonomy and brand typicity, brand distinctiveness, differentiation from the competition and relevance to the target group. Brand management takes into account aspects such as sustainability, degree of innovation, continuity and future viability. Factors such as the design quality of the brand image, the homogeneity of the brand experience and economic success also play a decisive role in the jury process.

More about the project content and our cooperation with BHS Corrugated can be found on our Case's page.

BHS Corrugated

BHS Corrugated

A decisive feature of the design is the horizontal and vertical grid of the corrugator, which ensures a uniform appearance. The colour concept developed by UXMA is based on strong contrasts to visually underline the overall structure and work processes
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Interference-free fibre optic cables through KI 

Interference-free fibre optic cables through KI