The right choice of method determines the success of the project

A major strength of our UXMA team is its transdisciplinary setup. In order for the cross-industry and cross-topic expertise of our team members to be successfully applied in idea or product development, suitable methods are needed.

Many existing method collections and card sets for product development have a rather one-sided focus on specific toolboxes, such as classic design thinking. Consistently cross-disciplinary approaches, in which methods (and their basic ideas) are transferred to other development areas and disciplines, are hard to find. For this reason, we have developed our own "UXMA Method Card Set".

With our own compilation of our favored methods we want to make our transdisciplinary and hybrid approach more tangible and communicative for us and especially for our customers. We have extended and combined established methods with our own approaches in order to further increase the added value and facilitate the linking of knowledge.


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35 Methods for user-centered results

The UXMA Method Card Set consists of 35 large-format method cards, an A3 poster with a complete method overview, a method overview as an application recommendation and online access to exclusive digital templates. The methods described represent our selection of the "best of all worlds" - they come from design thinking, UX design, software and mechanical engineering, service and process design, and business model development. The set provides everyone with an excellent overview and understandable explanations of how to apply the methods, regardless of industry or field.

The advantages of UXMA method cards:

  • The cards set supports the development of new ideas for services, products and processes.
  • The needs of customers and users can be methodically identified and problems made visible.
  • The use of the method cards trains emphatic skills to put oneself in the role of customer and user.
  • The interdisciplinary approach to problems is brought closer.

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