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On 1 March 2019, Christoph Eichhorn and Bastian Oloff were appointed to the management team of UXMA GmbH & Co. KG and granted procuration. They will play an even greater role in shaping and developing the company's direction in the future.

“In order to think holistically, innovatively and radically for our customers, we need a broad range of expertise, also and especially in the management team. Christoph and Bastian complement us perfectly here,“ says Michael Arpe, managing owner of UXMA, about the decision.

Christoph Eichhorn has been with UXMA since 2014. In his role as Head of User Experience & Digital Design, he drives Human Centered Design and Design Driven Development with great commitment and in-depth expertise. His skills in multi-project management, agile approaches and the development of UX strategies make Christoph a successful leader of our IoT client projects for global players.

As Head of Business Development, Bastian Oloff has many years of experience in sales and marketing for international corporations and major banks. With his distinctive expertise in business administration methods, advanced purchasing and his great enthusiasm, he is a valuable asset for UXMA. Bastian's strength lies in his ability to quickly and accurately identify customer needs, assess future trends using scientific methods and identify tomorrow's markets for our customers.

Together with Michael Arpe, Susanne Arpe-Darwisch and Eckhard Anders, the team of authorized signatories stands for the strategic advancement of UXMA's comprehensive service portfolio.

Maximilian Laufenberg
Maximilian Laufenberg is an expert in corporate communications. His articles provide insight into UXMA news and customer projects. As a quality management officer, he also ensures that all operational requirements of ISO 9001 are met.
Seeing Tomorrow's World as an Opportunity

Seeing Tomorrow's World as an Opportunity