Fall asleep in the evening and arrive at your business meeting in the morning fully rested: Traveling by night train is probably the most relaxing form of travel and at the same time makes an important contribution to the climate. Together with our partners Centerline Design GmbH and Kompetenznetz Rail Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (KNRBB), we want to promote this form of travel and have developed a concept for a night train cabin: The Refit Night Express. We presented this future concept in September 2022 at the international trade fair for transport technology InnoTrans in Berlin.

The future of sustainable business travel

How can the business world be inspired by sustainable travel by night train? Our colleagues have taken on this challenge together with the partners Centerline Design GmbH and the competence network Rail Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (KNRBB) and created a comprehensive concept for the conversion of classic railway wagons into a business night train wagon.

Our team has dealt with the entire passenger journey and analyzed different needs. The knowledge gained was incorporated into renderings and with the help of Unreal Engine we created a virtual experience that makes the overall concept tangible.

The project partners Centerline and KNRBB bring additional experience in the transport sector to the joint project and are able to turn this into reality with the help of their extensive network.

Arbeitsbereich der Nachtzugkabine

The night train cabin

The night train cabin can be a real – and above all more sustainable – alternative to flights and hotels. In addition to a comfortable bed, the two developed single cabins have large skylights, a workplace and, if desired, a shower bath and thus offer the comfort of a hotel room. The high degree of privacy creates space for concentrated work or relaxation phases while approaching the destination. The strong focus on the entire passenger journey is made clear by the provision of individual information and the configuration options of the cabin.

These two innovative night train cabins could be experienced at the InnoTrans in Berlin. We presented the concept personally at the KNRBB booth and offered everyone interested the opportunity to view the night train cabins in the virtual reality experience.


We look forward to continuing the active exchange on the Refit Night Express!

Svenja Delventhal
Svenja Delventhal is a member of UXMA's Business Development Team. With a focus on marketing, she works on our internal and external communications.
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