Being sustainable means taking responsibility

We, UXMA, strive to be smart and innovative in all areas of our business. For us, smart and innovative means thinking responsibly today about the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We see the decisive key in networked products and value-adding services that make life easier for people around the world and at the same time conserve natural resources in all areas.

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Our drive: 
A future worth living

In 1985 Michael Arpe founded our company with the name ma design, which has grown over the years from a design studio to a holistic development partner: UXMA.

If more than 35 years of existence has taught us one thing, it is the knowledge of the need to never be static, so that the future can be shaped. Those who know us are aware of our special corporate culture and our dynamism, while at the same time placing the highest demands on the quality of our work. Firmly anchored in our values is also our sense of responsibility for society and for our environment.

UXMA Team, Nachhaltigkeit
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Our path to becoming a CO₂-neutral company

Thanks to a comprehensive energy concept, we have been working for many years to continuously improve our energy balance. We are mindful of our energy consumption and have already optimized and digitalized many processes to the extent that we have been able to drastically reduce the consumption of materials and resources, for example. Many employees come to work by bike or on foot and at the same time enjoy using the given freedoms of hybrid working.

We have been offsetting our CO₂ emissions since 2019. We are aware that our compensation creates a balance, but does not change the actual CO₂ sources.

Creating a future worth living together

In 2020, we formed our own UXMA sustainability team with the goal of developing a company-wide sustainability management system. The team is made up of employees with a wide range of technical expertise and our management. We continuously analyze the causes of our CO₂ emissions, talk about our status quo and the next goals we want to achieve together. It motivates us to drive forward our sustainable projects by means of concrete action plans and to inspire other people and companies in this way.

Ecological sustainability 

At our headquarters in Kiel, we have already completely modernized and optimized the energy efficiency of one of our office buildings with four floors. Thanks to a highly efficient heat recovery concept combined with pellet heating, we have been able to reduce the resources required for heating by 95 percent. A photovoltaic system also provides us with so much electricity that we can feed part of it into the public grid.

With our living company gardens, we promote insect diversity and create hiding places for beneficial insects. But beyond that, biodiversity and reforestation are also close to our hearts. We support several initiatives that make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

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Economic sustainability

Our goal is to achieve economic success for ourselves and for our customers. In all our business areas, we therefore always calculate with the utmost care.

With our daily project work, we support our customers in being able to make decisions with relevance that not only stand up to the demands of today's society, but move them forward. User-centricity is an important factor here in creating products and services with real added value. In combination with sustainable technologies and an agile mindset, we are committed to creating positive momentum.

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Social sustainability

We stand for tolerance, diversity and equality. With good ideas and competence, it is possible for every team member to take on responsibility - regardless of age, gender, handicap, skin color, religious worldview, and sexual orientation and identity. We are committed to educational initiatives to pave the way for more community and justice in our society.

UXMA Diversity
Ferienhof Ratjen
Ferienhof Ratjen
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Sustainability at UXMA: Presentation at the Digital Week Kiel 2021

Nachhaltigkeit Zukunft, Diwo

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? What is behind a C0₂-balance sheet? Why is it so difficult to achieve sustainable goals? How can climate-neutral work be achieved? What does corporate culture have to do with sustainability management?

With our presentation, we want to give all listeners, whether they are employees, self-employed, founders or entrepreneurs, a toolbox to help them shape their own working environment sustainably.

Speaker*in: Katharina Schluck | UX/UI Designerin
When: Monday, 13.09.2021, 13:30 - 14:30 
Where: diwokiel Streaming-Tent, Kiel
How: Registration via

Watch the presentation online

Susanne Arpe-Darwisch<br>Managing owner
Susanne Arpe-Darwisch
Managing owner
"Living and working sustainably and thus taking responsibility for future generations is essential. It starts on a small scale with resource-conserving processes and culminates in pioneering products and services."