Taking responsibility for our actions and for future generations is a matter close to our hearts at UXMA. This pertains not only to our daily work and collaboration within our team and with our customers but explicitly to our approach to the environment, resources, and our endeavor to create and shape a sustainable future.

As a medium-sized company significantly influencing the digital and technological transformation, we have been contributing to social and ecological innovations for over 35 years, assuming responsibility with the understanding that we constantly strive for improvement. We see ourselves as part of the global community, whose central societal task is to commit to sustainable development goals and support them with appropriate measures and activities, aiming for a livable and desirable future. Throughout the many years since the company's founding, we have gained valuable insights and experiences that we aim to showcase in our sustainability report.

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Our Contribution to Sustainability

In the year 2020, we established our own UXMA Sustainability Team with the objective of developing a company-wide sustainability management system. The team consists of employees with diverse expertise and our management. Continuously, we analyze the causes of our CO₂ emissions, discuss our current status, and set the next goals that we aim to achieve together. It motivates us to advance our sustainable initiatives through concrete action plans and inspire more people and companies along the way.

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Sustainability Report 2022

Would you like to learn more about how we at UXMA pursue our sustainable development goals and the insights we have gained on this journey? Download our Sustainability Report 2022 as a PDF file. 

Vorschaubild Sustainability Report 2022


Since 2019, we have been compensating for our carbon footprint through CO₂ compensation. For 2021, we offset a total of 168.89 t CO₂.

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Relevant Projects

Our Path to Becoming a Carbon-Neutral Company

UXMA Mitarbeiterin schreibt Konzept an eine Scheibe

Thanks to a comprehensive energy concept, we have been working for many years to continuously improve our energy balance. We are mindful of our energy consumption and have drastically reduced our resource usage. Since 2019, we have been meticulously tracking our CO₂ emissions to fully offset our currently unavoidable emissions. With our current offsetting efforts for 2020, we have supported three valuable climate projects.

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Accessibility as a Component of Social Sustainability

Accessibility Trend Report

UXMA is deeply committed to addressing accessibility to break down digital barriers and develop forward-thinking products for all users. The WCAGs 2.2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) are crucial for this endeavor. Max Weinmann, Software Developer at UXMA, has compiled and analyzed the update of the guidelines and its key insights for our current Trend Report.

Read the article on the current state of accessibility guidelines here.

Bosch eBike - A Client Project to Eliminate Digital Barriers

Älterer Mann nutzt App auf seinem Smartphone

Bosch eBike Systems has developed an app called Flow to further customize the riding experience according to individual needs. To ensure that this new dimension of cycling is equally accessible to all individuals, the client sought the expertise of our UX specialists. Together, we assessed and improved the app's accessibility.

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