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areas of expertise

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

We analyse complex data streams with scientific methodology, establish connections and make them visible. In this way, we create a sound basis for making decisions and recommendation actions clearly aligned with business models and products.

We implement intelligent functionality in line with market and user requirements for end users and industrial use. To this end, we identify suitable Use Cases and use the latest machine learning technology to generate real added value.

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Range of services

  • Support in data collection
  • Explorative and focused data analysis based on concrete questions
  • Mathematical modelling, evaluation and visualization of data
  • Business intelligence applications and dashboards
  • Real-time acquisition, storage and processing of sensor data from distributed systems
  • Development of predictive maintenance solutions through physical modelling
  • Identification of Use Cases for the use of artificial intelligence
  • Pragmatic solutions for the labelling of training data for machine learning applications
  • Verification and testing of machine learning models
  • Cross-platform and cross-device implementation of KI/ML solutions
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