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The UX in UXMA


We develop innovative and inspiring products, concepts, strategies and business models that are consistently geared towards customer benefit.

In order to guarantee this for companies and brands, we have incorporated user experience as an integral part of every phase of our development process. Our methodical approach is derived from human-centered design, which demands the involvement of the user and the consideration of his needs.

Convincing results are produced when considering the entire user experience - i.e. all interaction before, during and after the use of your services or products. Well thought-out user experiences are necessary for the entire value chain of hardware and software products or services. We are your integrated development partner for the establishment of a company-wide UX and design strategy.

UX range of services
  • UX research: User observations and surveys
  • Ergonomics and usability analyses
  • User experience brand analysis
  • UX strategy & management
  • Development of personal profiles and mental models
  • Transformation of Use Cases into Use Case models and user journey maps
  • Conception and visualization of comprehensive user experiences in product stories
  • Development of interdisciplinary, experienceable prototypes for mechanics, software and electronics
  • Preparation, execution and evaluation of acceptance and usability tests

Using scientific methods, we analyse customer needs, processes and market potential. We combine the findings with a proactive view of future-oriented developments with new approaches.