At UXMA, we are replacing our “climate neutral” label with the new “Climate Partner certified company” label in the new year. This may sound like a minor detail, but it actually involves extensive changes to the transparency of our climate strategy.

Why did we choose a new label?

The use of statements in connection with environmental labels, such as “sustainable”, “recyclable” or “climate neutral”, is increasingly criticized due to a lack of binding definitions. Instead of wasting valuable time discussing terminology, we are concentrating on developing strategies to reduce emissions and focusing more on transparency in communication.


What does that actually mean?

In five steps, we reach a new level of climate protection:

  1. Calculating our carbon footprint: In 2022, this will be 146t CO2e.
  2. Setting reduction targets: By 2025, we aim to save 59% of our Scope 1 & Scope 2 emissions.
  3. Implementation of reduction measures: We use 100% green electricity.
  4. Financing climate protection projects: We support projects for drinking water protection, marine protection and forest protection.
  5. Transparent communication: We provide information about our climate protection activities via our Climate ID page.

We have been calculating our organizational carbon footprint since 2019 and are continuously working to improve it. This assessment of our CO2 emissions is fundamental to analyzing the causes and identifying potential savings within the company. Our new Climate ID page ( details both the reduction measures already implemented and the planned targets up to 2025.

We continue to work tirelessly to promote the topic of sustainability in our company. We look forward to continuing to build on our sustainability report in the coming year and making our activities transparent.

You can find out all about our commitment to sustainability here.


ClimatePartner Dashboard

Everything at a glance: The ClimatePartner Dashboard from UXMA

Mona Petersen
Mona Petersen is a marketing expert who brings her extensive experience in digital communication channels to the business development team at UXMA.
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Processes and development by people, for people, with people.