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Events · May 2024

News · May 2024

Sustainability Report 2022

At UXMA we take smart approaches for sustainable solutions in all areas in order to protect the livelihood of present and future generations. As part of our project work we search and find efficient ways and use sustainable materials.

Trends · December 2023

Recording of electrical signals in wave form.

Trends · December 2023

Outline of a person in an unreal landscape of light and code.

Trends · December 2023

Small-scale illustration on the topic: "What are Sketch Notes?". Drawings of books, pens, smileys, geometric shapes and people in front of whiteboards.

Trends · December 2023

Illustration of a futuristic kitchen scene. In the foreground, a hand holds a cell phone on which robotic arms can be seen preparing a salad. In the background you can see a kitchen counter on which two robotic arms are cutting a cucumber on a board.

Trends · December 2023

Two women and a man from different ethnic groups in an office environment are looking at a laptop together. They laugh and seem familiar with each other.

Trends · December 2023


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