Values & Attitude

“Those who do not adopt an attitude show one.”

Sigmar Schollak

Taking responsibility for our own actions and for future generations – this topic is very important to us at UXMA.

This is not just about our day-to-day work and how we work together as a team and with our customers, but also explicitly about how we treat the environment, resources and our efforts to enable and shape a future worth living.

As a medium-sized company that plays a key role in shaping digital and technological change, we have been making our contribution to social and ecological innovation for over 35 years and taking responsibility – all the while knowing that we are constantly striving to improve.

The three managing directors of UXMA sit smiling next to each other on the ledge of a terrace
From left to right: Michael Arpe, Owner and Managing Director; Susanne Arpe-Darwisch, Owner and Managing Director; Christoph Eichhorn, Managing Director

Our contribution to sustainability

In 2020, we formed our own UXMA sustainability team with the aim of developing a company-wide sustainability management system. The team is made up of employees with a wide range of specialist expertise and our management team. We continuously analyze the causes of our CO₂ emissions, talk about our status quo and the next goals we want to achieve together.

It motivates us to drive forward our sustainable projects with concrete action plans and to inspire other people and companies in this way. Would you like to find out more? Feel free to send us an e-mail at

Holistic approach

The three pillars of sustainability are interrelated and interdependent. The statement of the so-called priority model is: no economy without a society, no society without ecology.

For this reason, we show in our sustainability report how we at UXMA act in the three areas, on a small and large scale, on a daily basis and in concrete measures.

Susanne Arpe-Darwisch Owner & Managing Director

 Report 2022

Would you like to find out more about how we at UXMA are pursuing our sustainable development goals and what we have learned along the way? Download our Sustainability Report 2022 as a PDF file.

an iPad on which the UXMA Sustainability Report 2022 is displayed


Since 2019, we have been compensating for our carbon footprint through CO₂ compensation. For 2021, we offset a total of 168.89 t CO₂.

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