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Home Connect & Future Living

CO.RIO – Collaboration platform & digital learning space architecture for practical projects

A detailed view ofa machine element from the corrugator with a lateral interaction interface.

Corrugator with a strong brand identity

A person holds a tablet in his hands showing the KION Design System called “Parcel” in an application. The person is in a warehouse.

Design System

The future of sustainable business travel

Person holding a cell phone with the Home Connect Plus app open. The interface shows the "Home" status with options for setting the brightness in the living room and operating the blinds in the modes: "Ventilate, Closed, Half and Shade".

Home Connect Plus

Holistic HMI development

Two radio microphones, one completely black, one white-silver, lie one behind the other on a black background. The rear black microphone is switched on. The number of megahertz can be read on the integrated screen.

SKM 9000

A white Homematic IP Radiator Thermostat Evo with digital temperature display floats in front of a blue background.

Homematic IP Radiator Thermostat Evo

aISA 2.0

A person in a fireman

Full commitment for the fire department

Side view of a Hako cleaning machine against a black background.

Brand image of a product family

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