A product idea from the team

Enno, one of our software developers, spends much of his free time working as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown. Through his high level of involvement with the fire department, he has gained a deep insight into what happens during a firefighting operation. Although many fire departments already have the support of digital tools, they usually only focus on a certain part of the operational chain of a mission. Particularly in the case of larger operations involving several fire departments, good organization and fast, efficient action are essential. However, it is not always easy for the incident commander to keep track of the situation and take the right measures quickly. That's why we've made it our mission for firefighting operations to be organized even more efficiently and in a more targeted manner - with the help of a digital platform for all fire departments.

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From the idea to the funded project

The common problem areas in firefighting operations and the many technical possibilities finally prompted Enno to sketch out an initial idea and advertise it internally. The high benefit in the field of prevention, management and coping with damaging events was reason enough to receive a grant from the FNR - Forest Climate Fund (WKF) of the BMEL and the BMU in the special fund Energy and Climate Fund. The funding allowed us to continue the project and take it to the next level. We conducted a market analysis as well as user interviews and designed initial features in an agile approach. This resulted in a design prototype, which we used to conduct user tests with firefighters from all over Germany.

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The digital all-round solution for the fire department

The current MVP (Minimum Viable Product) consists of the conception of a smartphone app for Android and iOS. With a holistic solution, the app offers the right support for every situation. Starting with the management of master data, members, equipment and up to the calendar management, forming the basis. If an alert is now received by the fire department control center, it is also forwarded to our app and displayed to the emergency forces via a push notification. They can then actively confirm their participation or simply get on their way. The incident commander receives all necessary information about participants on the app. During the operation itself, the app provides support in the form of a comprehensive map view showing vehicle locations, hydrants and water points, as well as distances and other special conditions on site. Monitoring of respiratory protection personnel and a variety of options (voice, photo, text, etc.) for documenting the operation at the scene are also possible. Once the operation is over, the documentation can be completed and can be retrieved at any time in the future and stored in the history.

UXMA services

  • Market analysis
  • UI/UX conception
  • UI design development and style guide
  • Development of a design prototype in Figma
  • Development of first features of the app with React Native for
  • iOS and Android
  • Backend development
  • Conducting multiple user tests and surveys
  • Development of a custom brand
  • Initialization and management of the promotion

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Interference-free fibre optic cables through KI 

Interference-free fibre optic cables through KI