A close partnership is now becoming a premium partnership: We are delighted to be part of the WTSH program “Schleswig-Holstein – The Real North” as a premium partner with immediate effect. We consider the exchange with business development and the extensive community with around 500 member companies to be very valuable in constantly expanding our range of knowledge and strengthening our network. Together with the WTSH and the partner companies, we have set the goal of emphasizing and communicating the numerous advantages of Schleswig-Holstein as a business, working and living location in order to attract skilled workers and retain them in the long term.


Premium partnership 2022

In September 2022 we took the next step and became a premium partner of the WTSH. We look forward to even closer cooperation and exchange with the network. As a premium partner, we are proud to actively support the "Schleswig-Holstein - The Real North" brand and to exchange ideas with other company representatives in order to tackle current challenges for Schleswig-Holstein's economy.


Attractive employer in the north

With the help of the premium partnership, we would also like to draw attention to Schleswig-Holstein as a notable location for skilled workers. UXMA is the best example of an attractive employer in the state capital – as you might otherwise expect in Hamburg, Berlin or Munich.

We are an international team with over 100 experts from various fields. We support well-known customers in software and product development and consistently focus on the user experience. You can find out more about working at UXMA on our website or in our company profile on the WTSH partner page.

Svenja Delventhal
Svenja Delventhal is a member of UXMA's Business Development Team. With a focus on marketing, she works on our internal and external communications.
The new edition of the UXMA Trend Report is here!

The new edition of the UXMA Trend Report is here!