BHS Corrugated

Corrugator with strong brand identity
uniform design language for 23 operating modules
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BHS Corrugated

Corrugator with strong brand identity

Task & Procedure

In order to develop a significant brand identity, BHS Corrugated decided to cooperate with UXMA due to its many years of experience in the construction of corrugators.

Corrugators from BHS Corrugated have to be able to map tailor-made production requirements at all times. To achieve this, various modules can be combined, which can be scaled to a total of three different corrugator sizes. The challenge for UXMA was to combine the modules into a consistent blend of operation, ergonomics and design to create an outstanding user experience. Using the "Single Facer" module as an example, extensive examinations were carried out and converted into a concept for the entire corrugator.

Not only the modularity of a corrugator, but also the interfaces between man and machine, influence the user experience. The holistic view showed that each module required an interface for individual settings and that a complete overview must be ensured at all times. Various concepts of an interaction interface were conceived and evaluated with regard to general operation. To evaluate the design and the ergonomics, three prototypes were created on a scale of 1:1, on which intensive tests were carried out. In the next step, UXMA, together with BHS Corrugated, designed the user interface for the operating terminals of the corrugator and implemented it using C# and WPF. 

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Inosoft VisiWin 7
BHS Corrugated User Interface


Based on this value-adding insight, uniform interfaces called "ICON control panel" were integrated into the individual modules. Indirect LED lighting now highlights the respective production section and machine status. The ICON operating panels recurring along the corrugator form the central interface and ensure superior, consistent operation.

Consistent Brand Identity

A decisive feature of the design is the horizontal and vertical grid of the corrugator, which ensures a uniform appearance. The colour concept developed by UXMA is based on strong contrasts to visually underline the overall structure and work processes. The bright cladding surfaces bring structure and clarity to the structure of the corrugator.

Large glazing areas provide a detailed insight into important machine areas. In combination with high-quality aluminium applications and discreet branding, the corporate brand is attractively staged by the design.

The user interface of the "Control Panel ICON" uses the same icon language and colors as the hardware and displays all modules of the corrugator via a panoramic view. The reduced and predominantly graphic design enables a consistent and intuitive user experience even in international use. 

Red Dot Award Industrial Design
Red Dot Award Interface Design
German Design Award 2020
German Brand Award 2020
reddot award 2018 winner
reddot award 2018 winner
German Design Award 2020
German Brand Award 2020
BHS Corrugator
Barbara Freiberger<br>Project Manager / Senior UX Architect & Designer
Barbara Freiberger
Project Manager / Senior UX Architect & Designer
"The close cooperation based on partnership has made it possible to achieve the common goal: A perfect interplay of design, function and ergonomics".

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