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Home Connect Plus
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Residential IoT Services

Home Connect Plus

In partnership with our customer, Residential IoT Services GmbH, a real game changer in the market segment of smart home applications has been created in just two years of development work: Home Connect Plus.

This view was shared by the jury of the renowned Red Dot Design Awards, which accordingly awarded the app the the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2021. This makes Home Connect Plus one of the best communication projects of 2021.



UXMA Services:

  • Kick off and UI-Ideation
  • Requirements Analysis 
  • Overarching UX to integrate various product partners
  • Android & iOS App development, native with Kotlin, Swift und Clean Architecture
  • Unit testing 
  • Definition and establishment of development workflows 
  • Integration of video streaming 
  • Support in the development of the API interfaces 
Home Connect Plus
In einer App mehrere Hersteller verbinden
Verschiedene Screens der App von Home Connect Plus

An App for all Smart Homes

Home Connect Plus connects devices from different manufacturers and brings their access together in a single app. Even smart home beginners can use the app from the Robert Bosch subsidiary to connect, automate and centrally control various smart home devices and entire systems from different manufacturers. The interaction of the devices can be fully adapted to the personal needs and everyday situation of the user so that even with an increasing number of networked devices, the focus remains on the essentials. On command, the app can automatically adjust blinds, lullabies and lights so that parents can concentrate fully on putting their children to bed, to name just one example of the practical everyday benefits. Particular attention has been paid to simple and intuitive usability, so that all users, even those with no prior technical knowledge, can experience real support in everyday life.


Thanks to its clear and intuitive operation, the Home Connect Plus app can be adapted to the individual wishes and needs of users. The structuring in boards, automations and devices as well as the design of cross-product, recurring control elements and interactions support the user at every step.

Beispiel Schlafenszeit

Helpful automations are quickly created according to the if-then principle and take over tasks and routines for the users. Important device functions can be operated via quick access to the personalized boards.

Beispiel Grillmeister

The Project behind the App

In the course of the project work on Home Connect Plus, our UXMA team was able to call on the entire skill set in terms of software development and UX/UI design. The phrase "from zero to IFA in just five months" sums up the core challenge at the start of the project. Relying only on backend and design research, we completed the complete Android development and the design of the app in less than six months to a level of maturity that could be presented at the world's largest trade fair for consumer electronics, the IFA in Berlin. Thanks to executable main features as well as end-to-end integration, the visitors at the trade fair were able to control end devices and fully test automations. All on the basis of clean and tested code, which found its way into further use.

We would like to thank the RIoT team for the trustworthy successful collaboration and for the joint development of a pioneering, intelligent companion that makes people's everyday lives noticeably easier. Thanks also goes to Mutabor Design GmbH for the professional and friendly collaboration in the context of the app illustrations.

Home Connect Plus Download: 
App Store & Google Play Store

"Developing software that supports people in their everyday lives and is user-centric in its thinking and design from start to finish: That's the UXMA way."

Carolin Town, Software Domain Lead
UXMA-Project Lead for Home Connect Plus

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