Design for AI

We are shaping the future. Now. The world is still in the early stages of developing artificial intelligence, but the technology has already conquered all areas of private and public life. Autonomous vehicles, voice assistants, medical diagnostic software and chatbots are just a few examples of the many intelligent systems that are increasingly influencing our everyday lives. As designers, the exciting question is how we will interact with such systems in the future and how we can positively influence their development.

Recording of electrical signals in wave form.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

But what exactly is artificial intelligence? It is a science that deals with the creation of “intelligent” computer systems. The aim is to teach machines to think and act like humans. To date, no existing computer has even come close to the complexity of human intelligence. Nevertheless, we are fascinated and excited by artificial intelligence. Why?

A graphical user interface for viewing patient data at a hospital.

Why is AI so relevant?

The enormous public interest in AI applications is based on narrow AI applications, in other words applications with a limited range of tasks. They can give us individual movie recommendations, park cars or generate entire texts. When developing such intelligent systems, data sets are searched for patterns and rules and then trained.

This approach, known as machine learning (ML), enables us to program applications with complex data types such as images, text, audio files or sensor data. This opens up new possibilities, but also new challenges in product development, which are equally interesting for software developers and designers.

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