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The world is on the move. The complexity of the tasks that we want and need to solve is increasing. Digitization has long since ceased to mean the mere transfer of analogue scenarios to digital, but rather a new form of implementing possibilities. The issues that concern us demand an increasingly abstract and holistic approach. To meet these challenges, we need to work in a collaborative and interdisciplinary manner.

A UXMA employee is standing in front of note boards with notes on various methods from the field of user-centered development. Two colleagues are listening to her.

Software development is not a silo

In addition to software development, UX/UI design and research & testing, customers themselves are actively involved in the development of digital solutions today. Increasingly, specialist areas such as media psychology and media education are also complementing the development processes. These disciplines never work alongside each other, but are in close contact in the projects. Requirements gathering, concept decisions and reviews are methodically processed in joint consultations. The perspectives of the different people produce results that go beyond the end of the nose. By exchanging ideas with others, we open our minds and achieve outstanding results.

Value creation through workshops and participation formats

From a business perspective, the value of collaboration in workshops and participation formats is demonstrated above all by the acceptance achieved among all stakeholders – right from the start. A common understanding is created: Requirements and wishes as well as fears and limitations become visible in collaboration and serve as a guide for the entire process. Early and consensus-based coordination leads to the alignment of everyone, increases individual commitment to the cause and allows everyone involved to become promoters of the process. This results in a maximum accuracy of fit for the questions developed. This involvement makes it possible to identify the core of the project and to develop suitable results based on this. In short: good collaboration means satisfied stakeholders and better end products for people.

From a social point of view, collaboration in groups produces a variety of perspectives and enables the use of a broad range of specialist knowledge. Creative conflicts ensure constructive exchange. In addition to good end products, this results in increased learning opportunities that allow everyone to develop further. And last but not least, heterogeneous contributors lead to a stronger representation of diverse user groups and needs that need to be taken into account.

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Methodically excellent to the goal

Collaboration, participatory decision-making, cooperative planning and ideation as well as essential stakeholder discussions take place in the formats described. In face-to-face, hybrid or digital form, we offer outstanding methods to bring out the strengths of each person involved. In our workshop settings, we work under tailored methodological guidance. To develop successful services, products and processes, we combine methods from various development fields – tailored to the project and its objective. We have compiled our all-time favorites in a set of method cards. Because we are certain of one thing: the right method combined with expertise, motivation and passion leads a project to success!

All relevant decision-makers can and should participate, especially those involved in the development processes. We also recommend broadening the horizon and inviting people who contribute completely new and different ideas. Nothing needs to be prepared for the workshop setting on the part of those invited - their own wealth of experience, a fundamental impulse and the right motivation will shine all by themselves. We guide you through the event in a methodical and moderating manner and draw out the best from the pool of existing knowledge.

With the 635 idea, for example, the group carries out a quick, iterative and profitable brainwriting process; with card sorting, content, information or functions are reorganized together; or with a stakeholder journey, all contact points are identified step by step. A product field map helps to build a common vocabulary together with the team and all those involved and to analytically identify connections and tensions between all aspects of products and services. The following always applies: the more perspectives, the better!

Do you have a specific question or challenge that you want to tackle? Would you like to optimize your processes, your portfolio or a specific product and approach it in a joint workshop?

No matter what stage of development you are in, our team is experienced in providing the right approach for the right scenario. We look forward to getting to know you and your team!


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