Aiming high together: The UXMA Software Days 2023

At UXMA, we don’t just enjoy after-work beers, we also focus on creative ways to create an ideal environment for teamwork in the hybrid working age. Software Days 2023 is a great example of this!
Software Days brought together our developer:s from our various locations, fostered bonds, and offered a diverse program with tech talks, team challenges, and thrills. This event in Kiel reflected our UXMA philosophy of combining work, team spirit and personal growth and will be memorable for all participants.

Happy group of people in Amusement park ride.

What are the Software Days?

The Software Days 2023 were three packed days in the sunny late summer, where all UXMA software developers gathered at the main location in Kiel. By all developers, we mean anyone who can code decently at UXMA: in total 40 developers from Kiel, Hamburg, Dresden and Thessaloniki. The motto for the event was clear: to get to know each other better across countries, to understand the individual skills and histories and to form a strong unit. What better way to forge these bonds than to wait to fall together in a 120-meter freefall tower? But before the amusement park adventure began, our developers got together in their individual project teams and had items on the agenda such as a cruise on the Fjord and a joint visit to the IFA in Berlin.

Pure thrill

The second day at the Hansapark theme park was all about finally being a kid again and swapping the adrenaline-filled project business for the thrill of the roller coaster. The final opponents here were not called Code Review, overdue tickets or short-term design adjustments but Oath of Kaernan, Highlander or Nessie. As a reward for passing the tests, a barbecue and plenty of beer were waiting for the hungry adventurers back at UXMA. 

Happy group of people on a boat in the sunshine.

More than just presentations

The third day of the event was dedicated to sharing knowledge and expanding our technical horizons in a casual atmosphere. Tech Talks were followed by insights into AI-driven distributed learning, DevOps and monitoring strategies, and React component testing. We took on creative challenges like building spaghetti towers and explored the virtual world of Among Us to sharpen our skills in creative thinking and effective communication.


The UXMA Software Days in Kiel are an expression of our philosophy. Here, work, team spirit and growth are combined in a harmonious interplay. We enjoy taking different paths, trying out new things and playing a leading role in the development of our future. It was only three days together in the summer, but it was a very intensive time from which all participants will benefit for a long time to come.

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