Member of the Wissens­fabrik

UXMA became a member of the Wissenfabrik at the beginning of the year. The nationwide participatory network of around 130 companies and foundations from all sectors and of all sizes, as well as numerous players from science, politics and civil society, pursues the ambitious goal of sustainably securing Germany's innovative strength. Schools and daycare centers are supported with practical, free hands-on projects to get children and young people excited about math, science, computer science and technology. Startups are offered individual mentoring by experienced specialists and managers.

An icon of a handshake on the background of a classroom bench with young people facing the blackboard.

Education is Future

Why did we decide to become a permanent partner of the Wissensfabrik? Because we think the association's commitment is great and we fully share its objectives. Children are the future, education is the future, and with targeted support for education, especially in the STEM subjects, we are creating a future for Germany as a business location. What's more, in order to maintain the chance of successfully mastering the global challenges of the present and near future, creativity and technical understanding are needed to create extraordinary and sustainable solutions. The future of the Blue Planet lies in the hands of those who, especially in daycare centers and schools, cannot quench their thirst for knowledge 100 percent. We want to do our part to create a supportive and nurturing educational environment.

Sounds interesting? You can find out more about the network's activities here.


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