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Human Machine Interfaces

  • Expertise in your industry

    With our human-centered development approach, we are methodically able to build up industry-specific knowledge within a very short time in order to empathize with the end users as best as possible and identify needs. In this way, we can work with you to design and evaluate future features and develop your product in the right direction.

Touchpoints between humans and machines, which are developed with a strong UX focus, catapult the products several years ahead of the competition.

Using modern web technologies in the frontend and backend, we create complex machine controls that combine user-friendliness with the highest level of safety and reliability.

Take advantage of the next trade fair

Competitive advantages no longer only come from the machine itself. A refresh of your HMI can also make the crucial difference - without the underlying architecture having to be redeveloped. We keep an eye on connected HMIs, functional diversity, usability and consistency, as well as time-to-market – so that your trade fair is a holistic success.

Martin Stöber

Software Domain Lead

Into the future with web technologies

Web applications are no longer just found on the web. Thanks to their flexibility and platform independence, they are also ideal in industry for creating machine interfaces and enabling comprehensive machine communication.

Thanks to the constantly growing number of web developers worldwide, you can get started technologically in modern times without any worries. Knowing that we support you – with a strong community behind you.

Our solutions guarantee error-free, fast and user-friendly communication between humans and machines. Essential for security-sensitive contexts.

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André Schwarz Project Manager / Senior Software Engineer


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