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Are you up to speed on accessibility?

The upcoming release of WCAGs 2.2 will be used as an opportunity to look at what will change with the update, what changes the next generation of guidelines under the name Project Silver will bring, and in what direction the guidelines
are moving.

Es kann so schön sein, nach einem anstrengenden Arbeitstag die Lieblingsserie weiter zu schauen, ein Konzert zu genießen und sich von einem Roman fesseln zu lassen. Es fühlt sich an wie eine kleine Auszeit – ein digitaler oder analoger Mini-Urlaub, auf den man nicht verzichten möchte. Hoch lebe der Eskapismus, wir haben es uns verdient! Schwer ist nur damit aufzuhören, also die Rückkehr in die Realität.

WCAG 2.2 and the future of the guidelines

What changes will the new update bring and what does Project Silver mean for the standard for digital accessi­ bility? The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAGs) have been the decisive standard for accessibility on the Web for years. They are published by the World Wide Web Association (W3C) and are intended to ensure the digital participation of people with disabilities.

From guideline to method: the way the WCAGs are supposed to work.

The first update in four years seems somewhat inadequate

With version 2.2 of the Web Accessibility Guidelines,
the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is currently working on the first iteration of the standard since version 2.1 (2018). The release is expected in the course of 2022, but a preliminary version is already available.Here’s a simple example. We want to calculate the sum of a list of numbers. The following code snippet demon­ strates how to imperatively implement sum in TypeScript. 

Among other things, the updates pay special attention to mobile interaction. This is a welcome development
as it shows that the standard is developing in line with the state of technology.


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