Data Modal Driven UI


Data and model-driven UI
in mechanical engineering

In mechanical engineering, the development of a user interface is influenced by many factors.
These include the efficiency of the creation (i.e. the available budget), the know-how for the creation of a user interface (technology knowledge and skills), as well as the time from product request to delivery (time-to-market).

Es kann so schön sein, nach einem anstrengenden Arbeitstag die Lieblingsserie weiter zu schauen, ein Konzert zu genießen und sich von einem Roman fesseln zu lassen. Es fühlt sich an wie eine kleine Auszeit – ein digitaler oder analoger Mini-Urlaub, auf den man nicht verzichten möchte. Hoch lebe der Eskapismus, wir haben es uns verdient! Schwer ist nur damit aufzuhören, also die Rückkehr in die Realität.

Traditional Development

The interface in mechanical engineering is designed from visual modules during standard project planning (including layouting the interface, linking the variables of the programmable logic controller (PLC). These com­ ponents are input and output fields, scales, bar graphs, etc. that offer specific behaviour (e.g. accept variable limits, write behaviour when changing values, etc.). These modules are often already provided by the SCADA system used (System Control and Data Acquisition) and can be adapted within the limits of the SCADA system.

When constructing a picture (in mechanical engineering, a picture is a screen page with interaction elements for controlling the machines), these visual components are distributed according to different criteria and their interaction with each other is also determined.

A topological structure is often used here. This means that the positioning of the elements is based on the positioning of the actuator or sensor on the machine). However, it has been shown that this is often not nec­ essary. With very large machines, the overview and the context can be lost and the user interface therefore loses its intuitive operation.

Data and model-driven UI in mechanical engineering

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