The UXMA promise

Yes to sustainability

We take responsibility. This is not just about our day-to-day work and how we work together as a team and with our customers, but also explicitly about how we treat the environment, resources and our endeavours to enable and shape a future worth living.

No to marginalization

No lip service, but a practised attitude. No rainbow-washing, but honest participation for all. Exclusion doesn't stand a chance at UXMA. We stand for diversity. “Pretending” is not an option for us. Never.

Yes to sharing

We regularly stand up for the weakest members of society. At home and abroad. Not only with words, but also with deeds. It is an UXMA tradition to organise a joint fundraising campaign at the successful end of the year to support those who don’t have it as easy in life.

No to stagnation

Working time is living time and we all want to spend our time with people and topics that allow us to develop personally, as well as professionally. UXMA does everything it can to fulfil both aspects: Our team selects new colleagues together. We stand for projects that we identify with and in which something really happens.

Yes to the next generation

From school work experience to compulsory internships during studies, from writing final theses to our junior interns. We are committed to nurturing young talent: through fair remuneration and appreciative, fully-fledged project involvement. This is emphasised by our membership of networks such as the “Wissensfabrik” to support children and young people.

No to tunnel vision

We live the European idea. Our team is international. With the opening of our office in Thessaloniki, our mindset has expanded even further. We are open to new experiences, lifestyles, impressions and cultures. This is the only way we can develop a great future. Together with you.

Ready to start something big together?