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"Making complexity manageable". This is one of UXMA's central guiding principles. Anyone who has ever had to deal with the exact carbohydrate calculation of meals as a diabetic knows what complexity can mean in a health-relevant area. The "Carbster" app intrinsically developed by our team provides a remedy here and makes day-to-day management of diabetes much easier and safer for those affected and their relatives.

UXMA celebrates its premiere in the app stores with Carbster. Another of UXMA's own applications is about to be launched.

From daycare to the app store

Sensitized by his son's diabetes diagnosis, our Software Domain Lead Tim Baasch developed an app for calculating carbohydrates. The aim was to make it easier for nursery staff to calculate meals and reduce the fear of making mistakes. Inspired by Tim's commitment, UXMA decided to redesign the app with an interdisciplinary team and make it available to the general public. The result is an application with a clear design language, developed in Flutter for iOS and Android. "Carbster" helps people with diabetes and their families to cope with everyday life and enables them to easily calculate their carbohydrate intake.

An app rarely comes alone

UXMA has been a pioneer in the world of user experience for almost four decades now. As a development partner for innovative projects and products related to experience design and software development, we have helped shape digitalization in many industries and developed numerous mobile applications for our customers. But even after 40 years, we still have our firsts: we are proud of the first UXMA app, which is now available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. And that's not all: we are delighted that another app is about to be released. Stay tuned!

Further information and download options can be found here.

Tim Baasch Software Domain Lead / Authorized officer

Technical specifications

  • Developed in Flutter

  • Design realization with Material UI

  • Dark Mode

  • No tracking, data remains on the end device

  • Further development via AI approach in testing

A smiling mother holds a smartphone with the Carbster app opened towards the viewer. Next to her, her little daughter leans in her arms.


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