We build future experiences.

Innovation & UX-Manage­ment

  • Together towards greater UX maturity

    Working together as partners, we develop strategies to anchor user-centered thinking and action both in your product portfolio and in your corporate culture.

  • UX management

    We believe that establishing good UX management leads to healthy, innovative brands, products and companies that stand out from the competition by focusing more on customer needs.
We help you develop your company's UX maturity level so that it can maximize and consistently deliver its UX return on investment (ROI).

Our passion is change and the creation of outstanding user experiences. Our offer: consulting and strategic support – based on methodology, expertise and experience.

We support companies in the systematic integration of user experience in all development processes in order to create a framework in which business goals and customer needs have equal priority.

Innovation management

No matter how difficult the framework conditions are: our future-oriented innovation management helps you to maintain an overview and ensure that everyone at decision-making and action level can argue with a uniform and equally comprehensible basis of information.

Lisa Rost

Experience Domain Lead

We are consulting practitioners and not practicing consultants.

Due to our long-standing project experience in software development and UX design, we are sparring partners for large and medium-sized companies.

The development of products and services is a key focus of our services. With creative power, we show our clients ways into the future to enable further growth and market success. We develop convincing brand and portfolio strategies that enable our clients to successfully evaluate and master change processes.

The future can be shaped: We use our methodical and industry-based expertise to create scenarios for the future of markets, applications and product portfolios and to bring strategies to life and make them assessable.

Lisa Rost Experience Domain Lead


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