We build future experiences.

Research & Testing

  • Human-centered right from the start

    We focus on the user, customer and developer experience and design outstanding solutions for all stakeholders – with a clear roadmap from the initial context analysis to the final acceptance test.

  • How we work

    We don't just deliver findings, we help you convert them into successful products. Because user research is not binary, and the interpretation of research results based on decades of experience is part of our value proposition.

Security in product development means knowing instead of guessing.

Product development with guaranteed success. Using evidence-based, methodical approaches, we develop needs-based solutions that inspire. Because success is no coincidence.

Who we are

Our experienced team combines expertise from the fields of psychology, education, market research and product development. This interface allows us to conduct research quickly and efficiently in an agile context while ensuring methodological quality.

Helge Holzhofer

UX Specialist / Research & Testing

Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to achieve the best results

Our UX lab, consisting of experts, tooling, rooms and our selected partner network, has the right method at hand for every question.

Our goal: to better understand users and their interaction with your brand and product, and to use this knowledge to create better solutions.

We are specialists in product development: We know the challenges you face in agile everyday life and offer you tailor-made research that perfectly suits you, your team and your process – without compromise.

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Targeted approach

We use selected and optimized research methods that offer you decision-making confidence in every phase of the development process: from context analysis based on observation studies, in-depth interviews and focus groups to the evaluation of concepts at all flight altitudes Wireframe to high-fidelity prototype – until release and beyond.

What motivated us

With our methodical research and testing approach, we examine the behavior, needs and motivation of people in relation to their user and customer journey. We are motivated to support outstanding products and strategies and to generate real insights for you – in every phase of development.

Helge Holzhofer UX Specialist / Research & Testing


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