Those darling children, they give us so much… like when the dinner you’ve lovingly prepared ends up on the new carpet, the family dog has replaced the coloring book and turned an interesting shade of purple or toys, whether flying or piled up, have become a hazard when simply walking from one room to the next. The author of these words speaks from experience and is in the same boat aa the many young parents in the UXMA team. Being particularly sensitive to the needs of the children at this time was the reason for choosing the recipients of the UXMA Christmas charity donation 2021. Our support goes to the Kinderschutzbund in Kiel, the location of our headquarters, and the Greek children’s charity The Smile of the Child chosen by our team in Thessaloniki.

The Smile of the Child

Happy faces in Greece after receiving the UXMA donation. 

We are so happy that we could help children who grow up in less privileged and carefree circumstances and also that we could inspire our customers to do the same. 122 customers chose to make a donation of €10 instead of receiving their UXMA Christmas present. Thanks to the community spirit from the UXMA team, the management and our customers, we were able to donate a grand total of €6910.00 to this worthy cause. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who made this possible!

If you would also like to make a donation, you can find further information about the UXMA funding goals here: 

Maximilian Laufenberg
Maximilian Laufenberg is an expert in corporate communications. His articles provide insight into UXMA news and customer projects. As a quality management officer, he also ensures that all operational requirements of ISO 9001 are met.
Moin German Design Award 2022!

Moin German Design Award 2022!