Innovation and digital networking are not only the drivers of all economic sectors. As a development partner for digital products, our work is also interesting and relevant for another sector: Education.

UXMA meets Education

About two years ago, we expanded the project business at UXMA to include the areas of digital education and addressing the acquisition of new and necessary skills. It is clear to us that learning affects us all these days. The end of school means the end of institutional learning, but further education accompanies everyone throughout their lives - in a professional as well as in a private context. Digitalization simplifies access to education and opens up countless possibilities. From language learning apps to course platforms, online academies or universities. In formats such as serious games, open access publications, video tutorials, asynchronous or synchronous options - the field of digital education is diverse, both outside the classroom and in.

From user-centered to

At UXMA, we work with a user-centred focus in all our processes. User-centrality means taking into account all the impressions and experiences of a user when interacting with products, services, environments or spaces - both analogue and digital. What is relevant for users of user interfaces and/or web applications applies equally to learners in their digital and analogue learning environments and spaces. It is therefore not surprising that the questions that are answered in the UX Lab are similar to those in educational research:

How is it used/learned? Who uses/learns? What do users/learners think and do?

The attitude of asking these and other questions and working on that basis is a prerequisite for a good or very good product. In every sector.


What's next?

The education sector will play a role in the future of UXMA. With the addition of pedagogical and educational expertise, we create an attractive overall package for our clients: Products that are holistically conceptualised based on research and methodology, implemented by an excellent design team and realised by software developers. The team-internal, collaborative and interdisciplinary work provides an extra advantage to the final result.

We take our claim We build future experiences seriously. It is our goal to help shape the educational landscape of the future and to create the best learning experiences for everyone.

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Aliena Lill
Aliena Lill is a Learning Experience Curator at UXMA and complements our services with (media) pedagogical expertise. Her focus is on products and processes in the digital education sector.
Together for the little ones

Together for the little ones