Who doesn't know it: The project business with various calls, appointments and workshops demands your uncompromising focus, day after day. How can there be time and space for new inspiration and fresh know-how?

At UXMA, we actively support our colleagues in sharing their own knowledge and acquiring new skills so that personal development and the creative exchange of knowledge don't fall by the wayside in the daily work routine. Every UXMA team member has a wealth of valuable expert knowledge from which others can benefit. That's why we launched the UXMA Academy some time ago, and you can now benefit from it too!

Learning with and from each other

The UXMA Academy is our tool to foster knowledge sharing within the UXMA team. From consolidating basic competencies such as UXMA quality management to acquiring the latest software skills or creative techniques, the Academy provides a broad platform that efficiently keeps our team fit for the future.

The concept of the Academy format is as simple as it is ingenious. As soon as a member of the UXMA team has attended a workshop, trade fair or self-study as part of his or her creative budget, or has gained new insights in the course of project work, he or she passes on his or her knowledge to the entire team in the form of an Academy lesson. After the interactive presentation of the respective information, the participants of the training exchange information about the topic, can ask questions or test presented contents, such as methods for idea development. Participation by employees is voluntary. The presentations are recorded and uploaded to the Academy platform so that they can be accessed by everyone at any time. The training sessions are divided into the following key areas: Basics, Design, Software, Projects and Future.


Exciting trainings for you

The Academy is a wonderful opportunity to exchange knowledge and promote each other. In order to share the professional knowledge of our employees with our customers and other interested parties, the doors to the UXMA Academy are now also open to non-team members! We invite you to participate in the next Academy trainings and get exciting impulses and new insights. 

Be there - and learn from our experts!

If you are interested in new topics, are looking for suggestions and would like to discuss with us, please register for one of our next trainings for free. In addition to new insights and helpful tips, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions live in the online meeting! We are looking forward to your participation.

Mona Petersen
Mona Petersen is a marketing expert who brings her extensive experience in digital communication channels to the business development team at UXMA.
Welcome to UXMA Greece!

Welcome to UXMA Greece!