Mission Statement

„We want to rethink products for people 
and make complexity manageable.“

The Best Minds.

As part of a strong team, we complement each other and train our strengths so we’re able to be able to face any challenge.


Our goal is economic success for us and our customers. This is how we ensure long-term independence, stability and attractive jobs.


Our goal is to create space: to think and act freely, to stand up for your own opinion and to continuously develop.

Courage & Honesty.

We live in a culture of open-mindedness and honest cooperation. This includes the ability to criticize and to accept criticism, but also to recognize errors, to address them and learn from them.


We take the right measures to stay healthy and to take care of ourselves in order to permanently deliver top performance.

Develop & Demand.

Good is not good enough. We want to constantly improve and scrutinize the effectiveness of our work and methods. This is what we demand from ourselves.

Good Life.

To us, a good life means finding the balance and security to start each day with joy and to invest our time meaningfully.