UX Research & Testing

Our secret of success for successful product development? 
We focus on the essentials in every phase of a project: The user and his needs. What does that mean? Testing, testing, testing. As early and as much as possible.



An essential part of our user-centered development is the focus on the acceptance and usability of a product. Only with great usability and quick accessibility can we ensure that features are fully effective, the benefits of the product are achieved and the user experiences a positive and lasting impression.

Lab Testing

Our UX laboratory at the UXMA site in Kiel has professional technical equipment to conduct a whole range of user tests with test subjects live on site. The direct proximity to the design and development team allows for close collaboration and immediate feedback before and after the tests.

Service Portfolio:
  • Moderated UX Test
  • Qualitative A/B Test
  • Eye tracking Test
  • Ethnographic Interview
  • Focus group Interview
  • Individual Interview
  • Card Sorting
  • Concept Test
  • Competition Analysis

Mobile & Remote Testing

Our mobile UX Lab is in no way inferior to our stationary lab in terms of equipment. With our equipment and our experienced specialists, UX tests can easily be carried out in conference rooms, test studios or offices all over the world - even in fields, in industrial plants or in operating theatres. Many of the most effective UX research methods can also be performed remotely. We establish the connection to the test subjects via one of our online conference tools.

Service Portfolio:
  • ​Remote UX Test
  • Online Survey
  • Individual Interviews
  • Diary Study
  • Card Sorting
  • Clickstream Analysis
  • Analytic Review
Test early. Test often.

Our Test Users

No subjects, no tests. The selection of test participants is carried out carefully and closely coordinated with the respective project request in order to achieve meaningful and resilient results. After all, the product should be adapted to the needs of the users - without cultural or language barriers.

Depending on your needs, we can draw on a strong partner network for recruiting national and international test users.

It may also occasionally be necessary to carry out ad hoc UX tests, so-called "rapid user tests" or "guerrilla testing". In these tests, the subjects are spontaneously addressed in a public environment, thus considerably shortening the recruiting process.

Christoph Eichhorn

Christoph Eichhorn
Head of UX & Digital Design

"Whoever develops products today should not neglect acceptance and usability. The UX-Lab is the chance for us and our product development to quickly gain reliable insights. This creates a decisive competitive advantage for our customers".

„Die Wertschätzung von verschiedenen Menschen und deren Lebenswirklichkeit ist Ausgangspunkt und Inspirationsquelle für sinnstiftende Produkte und Strategien.“