When singers, bands or DJs perform, the one thing clearly in the foreground, alongside their performance on stage, is the sound. Whether at a wedding, bar or open-air concert, the quality of the music is an important part of the event experience. However, small or temporary event venues often lack the support of professional sound and stage technicians, leaving the artists themselves responsible for setting up and preparing the speakers they bring with them.  
To ensure that every artist's performance is a complete success, even without professional help, and that the quality of the sound convinces the audience, Electro-Voice has developed its EVOLVE 30M speaker series, which can be operated intuitively via an app. Together with UXMA, version 2 of the app has now been developed. 

Konzert mit Envolve 30M

UX/UI Design made by UXMA

In addition to their excellent sound, the mobile column speakers of the EVOLVE speaker series are characterized by the fact that they are easy to transport and quick to set up. Furthermore, special attention was paid during development to ensure that their sound is easy and intuitive to control for amateurs and professionals alike. To make operation even simpler, Electro-Voice has worked with UXMA to further develop the QuickSmart Mobile App to version 2.  

An integrated mixer has been added to the EVOLVE 30M column speaker. In order to enable this feature - as well as all other hardware features - via remote control, the mixer functionality has been added to the app. Intuitive control of the knobs now allows users to easily adjust speaker settings. Microphone and instrument inputs can now be controlled by a technician in front of the stage or by musicians on stage, even via mobile devices with the advantage that the result can be monitored from any point in the location. In addition, the artists can even change the settings during the performance without having to leave their place on stage. In this use case, it is particularly helpful that special emphasis was placed on one-hand operation in the app design - even for detailed settings.

Competitive advantage through holistically conceived user experience

In order to survive on the market in times when the technical and qualitative difference between products is becoming smaller and smaller, it is necessary to convince customers with additional features. A holistically designed user experience allows Electro-Voice to stand out from its competition in the column speaker market segment. The EVOLVE 30M's easy handling is complemented by the outstanding user experience in the software's operation. This interaction not only makes the use of the speakers a special experience, but also makes the Electro-Voice brand a guarantor for user-friendly solutions.  
We are pleased that the QuickSmart Mobile App has been helping musicians and event organizers around the world quickly create an optimal sound experience for over a year.   
The app is available for download in the AppStore and Playstore and can be tried out in demo mode without paired speakers.  

UXMA - Services

  • UX conception and consulting
  • Development of the overall interaction concept
  • Support for UX tests
  • Visual design "Digital Mixer"

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