In 2022, the annual UXMA Christmas fundraiser was held under the motto "Showing Heart Together". For the entire UXMA team, it was and is extremely important to support those who are suffering greatly, especially in challenging times. These are indisputably the people in the Ukraine, especially Ukrainian children. Eleven months have now passed since the start of the merciless Russian war of aggression and not a day goes by without new reports of horror. SOS Kinderdoerfer weltweit is one of the organizations that bring some light and hope to the darkness with its emergency aid for children and families.  

We are very pleased that our customers decided to forego an UXMA Christmas gift in these times and have made their mark on the donation collage by painting their own hearts. Each of these hearts is a symbol of hope and at the same time means an increase in relief funds by UXMA. Together, we, customers, UXMA team and management were able to reach a total donation amount of 5770 €.

Many many thanks to everyone who participated!

Would you also like to donate? Here you can find more information about UXMA's donation goal:

Maximilian Laufenberg
Maximilian Laufenberg is an expert in corporate communications. His articles provide insight into UXMA news and customer projects. As a quality management officer, he also ensures that all operational requirements of ISO 9001 are met.
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