Taking responsibility for our own actions and for the next generations - this topic is very close to our hearts at UXMA. It is not only about our daily work and the interaction within the team as well as with our customers, but explicitly about the interaction with our environment. 

2019 is fully offset

Through a comprehensive energy concept, which includes, for example, the use of solar panels, climate-friendly heating systems and raising awareness in the team, we try to act as sustainably as possible.

For this reason, we have analyzed our CO₂ emissions for the year 2019 in detail have come up with a value of 116 tons of CO₂ which we have completely offset.

We offset this CO₂ emission via the organization atmosfair. With the help of our compensation payments, atmosfair supports climate protection projects that primarily promote the expansion of renewable energies in countries of the global south. The projects are subject to internationally recognized certification standards such as the CDM Gold Standard. In this way, we ensure that our offset payment can make a real difference.

The road to climate neutrality

To put the total amount of 116 tons of CO₂ into perspective, let's make a quick comparison: On average, each person in Germany emitted 8.9 tons of CO₂ in 2016*. If you compare this with the fact that we as a company of around 70 people only emitted 116 tons of CO₂, it becomes clear how well we have done to save so much CO₂ through our sustainability strategy.

Nevertheless, for us, climate neutrality is only one component of an all-encompassing idea. It is deeply important to us to constantly improve and find more and more climate-friendly alternatives. Our donations can create a balance, but they do not change the actual CO₂ sources. So the next step for us is to rethink the causes of our CO₂ emissions and to choose or create alternatives. It is up to us to make our contribution and make a future for the following generations possible.

*Statista: Study carbon dioxide - per capita emissions in Germany until 2019.

Mona Petersen
Mona Petersen is a marketing expert who brings her extensive experience in digital communication channels to the business development team at UXMA.
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