What do rhinos, unicorns and layer cakes of frozen music have to do with the future of software development? You have no idea? Then you should definitely read more than just the foreword of this second edition of the official UXMA Trend Report. 
In the new edition of the UXMA Trend Report, our experts have compiled the most current and relevant trend observations from the field of software development and explained their findings in an exciting way.

Systematic trend analysis

To be successful in the future, it is not a matter of making vague predictions about possible trends and superficially dealing with their obvious effects. Rather, it is highly relevant for us to integrate a system into our daily work that makes it possible to deal permanently and intensively with emerging changes, to assess their significance for our own company and to evaluate their importance for our own goals and products. In order to always be one step ahead, we have made it our business to constantly and extensively search for new trends, to observe them more closely and to evaluate them. In the annual Trend Report, our experts explain in comprehensive articles how the respective trends are to be classified and what they may mean for the future.

Over 60 pages packed with the most important trends

After the first edition of the UXMA Trend Report, which primarily contained trends from the design area, we are now pleased to be able to publish the second issue. On 61 pages, the latest and most relevant trends in software development are presented in a well-founded, visionary and compact way.

The following trends are examined and described in more detail:

  • Clean Architecture
  • Declarative User Interfaces
  • Data Modal Driven UI
  • Accessibility
  • Design Code
  • Green Browsing

The articles were written in English in the second edition.

UXMA Trend Report 2022

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We see our Trend Report as an impetus for discussions about your innovative products of tomorrow. We want to create awareness of what's new and get into the conversation about what these trends could mean for your company and industry.

We hope you enjoy reading and welcome your feedback. 



Mona Petersen
Mona Petersen is a marketing expert who brings her extensive experience in digital communication channels to the business development team at UXMA.
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