Alcotest® 5000
Alcotest 5000
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Alcotest® 5000

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Together with Dräger, we have already developed the award-winning breath alcohol meters "Alcotest A5820" and "Alcotest A3820", which are used by the police or in private environments in many countries.

We were commissioned by Dräger to develop a new device for the Alcotest family, which indicates a reliable indication for alcohol in the body and does not require the use of disposable mouthpieces. The use of multiple mouthpieces is costly and time-consuming to handle - often involving a large number of tests within a short period of time, such as police checks on motorways, mandatory checks at factory gates or access controls to airport gates.

UXMA first carried out a requirements analysis and defined concrete Use Cases. In a comprehensive usability study, the optimal comfort distance of a measuring device from the test person was tested. Several designs for the casing form were created in order to achieve an ergonomically optimal design. Particular attention was paid to the development of different funnel shapes for the device, taking into account Dräger's air flow research.

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The Dräger Alcotest® 5000 is a sustainable device for breath alcohol measurements without any physical contact with the test person. By blowing into the funnel on the head side, alcohol can be reliably detected in the body. The funnel makes the exchange of disposable mouthpieces unnecessary and avoids the backflow of exhaled air. This makes the device an excellent solution for fast, hygienic measuring procedures.

Three buttons and a clearly arranged control panel allow easy and one-handed use of the meter. The display shows instructions for the test procedure and the results are displayed with symbols in a language-neutral manner. The Dräger Alcotest® 5000 is an ideal extension of Dräger's existing family of measuring instruments and has won several international design awards.

reddot award
German Design Award
iF Design Award 2019
Christian Jacobs<br>Senior Industrial Design Engineer
Christian Jacobs
Senior Industrial Design Engineer
"Thanks to our methodical approach, we were able to facilitate decision-making at Dräger and thus greatly shorten the "time to market".
Flow analysis
Alcotest 5000 in use
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